Human Resource Management Development

Human Resource Management (HRM) Development Service

HR department is an important part of an organization and plays a pivotal role in its growth. Efficient management of Human resources is a challenging task, especially in medium to big organizations because of high volume of employee data, which needs to be managed in quick, accurate and cost-effective manner.

Every organization has its own HR management requirements and seeks right blend of HR and IT to automate, streamline and accelerate the entire HR cycle for higher productivity. The solution lies in integrated HRM Software, which help administrators in effective management of various HR processes that occur within organization.

Salient Features of HRM Software

There are many HR and Payroll software solutions available in market. Some are standard versions, ready-to-use, while others need customization according to needs of individual users. Organization should identify its true HR management needs and search for solution accordingly. It should implement ——, which is not necessarily limited to below mentioned salient features but extends beyond them:

  •      It should be configurable and scalable to meet organizational demands.
  •      Provide user, interactive interface, to the real-time employee status with facility to manage, view and share their complete history with other authorized users.
  •      Flexible modular architecture which easily integrates new modules, to meet new requirements of HR department.
  •      Provides comprehensive payroll management service for timely , accurate and electronic distribution of salaries to individual salary accounts in the bank.
  •      Ensure compliance to statutory Government regulations on taxation and employee welfare.
  •      Provides comprehensive payroll management service for timely , accurate and electronic distribution of salaries to individual salary accounts in the bank.
  •      Gives quick and secure access to any detail on any employee, right from hire-to -retire.
  •      Supports easy-creation and set-up of unlimited numbers of employees accounts.

Benefits of Configurable HRM Software

Employees are the most important asset of any organization and their efficient management holds the key to success in highly competitive modern day business environment present day. A configurable solution for HR has its own benefits because it gives the organization the much needed flexibility to adapt its HR management strategy according the changing conditions to improve employees’ productivity, which in turn enhances organization’s core business competency. Following are the key benefits of HRM software:

  •      Ensures legal, human welfare and taxation compliance to insulate organization from legal challenges, lawsuits, which drain your resources and time.
  •      Removes communication bottlenecks, speeds up HR response to employees demands/queries to improve employee-HR relation.
  •      Cuts HR processing time and costs to lower overall business operating costs.
  •      Brings transparency to HR department, which helps stakeholders take informed decisions at right time.
  •      Eliminates payroll calculation errors.
  •      Links up the employees with all their payroll and other job details through ESS features for their satisfaction.
  •      Provides high degree of scalability needed to keep organization compliant with latest amendments in Government regulations.

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